The function of the Land Transport Affairs at the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications is to enhance and regulate all aspects of land transportation in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has established an economic vision that is aimed to make the country fully sufficient on diversified sources by the year 2030. The Land Transport plays a vital role in this vision. In order to link Bahrain to the world economy, an efficient public transportation system and infrastructure have to be in place to accelerate diversifying the economy by attracting the private investors involvement in the provision of public services and provide a better life for all citizens and residents.  The function of the Land Transport Sector at the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications is to enhance and regulate all the relevant aspects of land transportation in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The government of Bahrain has already considered developing the public transport in the Kingdom. The Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications (MTT) has made some progress into developing Bahrain’s public transportation in order to achieve Bahrain Vision 2030. As such, MTT has established a strategic plan to develop the current public transportation system, infrastructure and regulate the land transport sector. The first phase of this plan has already been accomplished by enhancing the current bus system in Bahrain, terminal refurbishment and reconstruction of the bus shelters additional to establish a ministerial decreed to regulate the internal transport sector, tourism and the international transport for passengers. The second phase of the plan, however, is still being implemented with a long way to go. This phase has a set of projects, such as the light trail project and BRT that will enhance urban transit in Bahrain.

The Land Transport Sector is responsible for the development and regulation of the transportation infrastructure and systems. The Land Transport Sector has set a strategy to execute and regulate transport projects and improve the public transport sector in Bahrain, in order to provide an alternative sustainable transport mode for the citizens and residents.

Directorates falling within Land Transport:

Land Transportation Planning and Studies: Oversees the planning of the bus network and related services to increase the catchment and accessibility of public transport systems and involved in transport planning, transport modelling studies and providing planning and design inputs to upcoming roads and infrastructure projects, in coordination with the public transport operator and other ministries.

Land Transportation Projects: Responsible for managing and supervising the implementation and construction of all land transport related projects,  working closely with the Planning and Studies Directorate within the Ministry to support the long term vision of providing customers with a proper Public Transport Network and increasing ridership.

Land Transportation Regulation: Responsible for developing, regulating, and promoting the land transportation sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain and setting the sector’s regulatory framework  including issuance of various types of land transport licenses, development of regulations, standards, conditions and enforcement and monitoring of predetermined key performance indicators.

Land Transporation Monitoring and Enforcement: Responsible for the oversight of the performance of all licensed individuals, companies and establishments engaged within the land transportation sector in accordance to predetermined key performance indicators. This directorate is also responsible for the inspection of yards pertaining to all licensees.

  • 8,087Total Aircraft Movement, Jun 2019
  • 811,884Total Passengers, Jun 2019
  • 22,465Total Cargo and Mail, Jun 2019
  • 921,704Monthly ridership, Feb 2020
  • 54,217,604Total Passengers (Feb 2015-Feb 2020)
  • 186,905General Cargo, Aug 2020
  • 40,933Container Throughput, Aug 2020
  • 63Total Vessels, Aug 2020
  • 99Percent Mobile network coverage
  • 57Percent of households passed by fiber-optic broadband network
  • 90Percent of businesses passed by fiber-optic broadband network



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